CIVS provides a stimulating environment for supporting research and education activities listed below.

Research Activities

Research activities are interdisciplinary in nature with collaborations across departments, universities, and countries.  The following are initial major research activities:

  • Integration of virtual reality with simulation technologies and high performance computing
  • Application of simulation and visualization technologies to industrial processes for process/product design, trouble-shooting and optimization to address the issues of productivity, energy, environment, and quality (PEEQ).
  • Application of simulation and visualization technologies to business, healthcare, liberal arts, and science
  • Development of advanced learning environments in virtual reality for training and education

Education Activities

The initial education activities include the following:

  • Train students with real-world research projects through senior design, undergraduate research, graduate independent studies, as well as Master and PhD thesis research
  • Offer seminars, workshops, and short courses
  • Conduct open houses for K-12 students
  • Support the development of a Master degree program in Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization

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