NIST: AMTech Planning Grant

Advanced Simulation and Visualization for Steel Optimization Consortium


One of CIVS' simulations showing the computational fluid dynamic simulation. In order to maintain global competitiveness, steel manufacturing in the U.S. needs to optimize its manufacturing capabilities, and improve both efficiency and workforce training. Newly developed and emerging simulation and visualization technologies have recently provided efficient, effective, and economical tools for improving process and product design, troubleshooting, optimization, and workplace safety, while also providing state-of-the-art, cost-effective, and efficient workforce training to address debilitating skill gaps. 


A collection of images showing CIVS simulations and visitors watching the visualizations with 3D glasses.For this AMTech project, the team will launch an industry-led consortium to work with stakeholders from industry, government and non-profit organizations across the value chain to further R&D and implementation of advanced simulation and visualization technologies in a pre-competitive environment to help solve key problems as identified and prioritized according to the planned technology roadmap.


One of CIVS default images showing a person in 3D glasses looking at a 3D visualization with the reflection of the visualization showing in the glasses. Establish a new and sustainable industry-led steel manufacturing consortium that will focus on supporting the development of simulation and visualization technologies to address major technological issues and related barriers that inhibit the growth of advanced manufacturing in the steel industry.

Develop a technology roadmap to identify and prioritize relevant research projects that will improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, decrease downtime, improve operation efficiency, improve workplace safety, reduce the skills gap, improve fuel efficiency, and advance steel manufacturing competitiveness across the steel manufacturing value chain.

NIST AMTech Consortium project flyer

NIST AMTech Project Flyer