CIVS partners with Lake Area and Porter County United Way on “Canstruction” project

CIVS is working with Lake Area and Porter County United Way to help teams of kids utilize advanced 3D technologies to design and visualize a variety of super-hero themed structures that will be built entirely out of full cans of food. The designs will be built at a Canstruction® event to be held at Southlake Mall in Hobart, Indiana in late July.

Canstruction® is a unique charity which hosts competitions, exhibitions and events showcasing structures made entirely out of full cans of food. After the structures are built, the creations go on display to the public as an art exhibition. At the end of the event, all food is donated to local hunger relief organizations.

Prior to the event, 9 teams of kids from Lake and Porter counties are working with CIVS staff and students to convert sketches of their super-hero themed designs into 3D models. Using 3D tools teaches the children about advanced technologies and enables them to plan and visualize realistically what their “canstructures” will look like using the actual can sizes and labels. 3D renderings will be used to create posters for the event and visual aids for building the structures. The event will take place publicly from 8:00am until 4:00pm on Friday, July 25 at Southlake Mall in Hobart, Indiana. The “Canstructures” will be judged and then remain on display until August 2nd. The public is invited to vote for their favorite.

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