3D Visualization for Urban Planning and Development

Visualization of the University Park area in the City of Gary


University Park Simulation showing an intersection.Purdue University Calumet and the City of Gary have partnered to apply GIS simulation and 3D Visualization for economic development and city planning of the Univeristy Park area. The CIVS research center uniquely integrates advanced simulation and visualization technology for analyzing data, parcel and zone planning, and for the support final implementation the city’s key development areas.


University Park Simulation showing the sign for Indiana University NorthwestSatellite imagery and GIS data were combined with architectural plans and images to produce a 3-D model of the existing structures, proposed new buildings, road improvements, and façade upgrades.  This interactive  simulations and visualization allows the user to modify building structures, change location and analyze data based on new concepts and designs.  The interactive tool will allow planners to study, keep track of indicators, forecast future community needs and plan accordingly. 


Simulation image showing a satellite view of the area with visualized buildings. The initial phase is a 7 minute immersive 3D video  provided in multiple formats for compatibility with multiple systems including 2D and 3D displays. The content of the video shows existing development combined with furture proposed development with zoom-ins and fly-throughs of key areas featuring 3D models, photographic elements, and animated activities. 

Sponsor: Department of Commerce, City of Gary

3D Visualization for Urban Planning and Development

University Park Project Flyer