St. Margaret Health Virtual ED

Emergency Department 3D Visualization


Visualization of the front doors to the emergency room.Franciscan St. Margaret Health is one of the largest acute-care hospitals in Northwest region, where a new emergency room is to be constructed. During construction, a display will be viewable on site to provide the public with imagery showing what the finished facility will look like. A virtual tour of the new construction using virtual reality visualization technology was identified as an effective tool.  Using architectural drawings and photos of existing equipment, a 3D model of the new emergency room and equipment was created and used to generate an animated fly-through of the new space.


Visualization of one of the hospital beds in a room.This project includes the following tasks:

  • Create a 3D model of the new emergency room and populate with appropriate furnishings and equipment based on architectural drawings and photos.
  • Produce a HD video flythrough of the renovated space.
  • Produce a series of high-resolution renderings from designated viewpoints.


Visualization of the front reception area of the emergency room. The new emergency room area at Franciscan St. Margaret Health is successfully created in 3D environment. A 3:30 loopable HD video was created and placed on display at the renovation site. A series of high-resolution images were rendered and used by Franciscan St. Margaret Health to produce static displays showing before/after imagery of the renovation site.

Sponsor: Franciscan St. Margaret Health

Virtual Emergency Department project flyer.

E.D. Visualization Project Flyer