Virtual Nursery

Virtual Special Care Nursery at Franciscan St. Margaret Health


Virtual nursery isometric view

Franciscan St. Margaret Health is one of the largest acute-care hospitals in Northwest region, where a special care nursery area is to be constructed upon the base of an existing nursery area. During construction, a display will be viewable on site to provide the public with imagery showing what the finished facility will look like. A virtual tour of the new construction using virtual reality visualization technology was identified as an effective tool. Using architectural drawings and photos of existing equipment, a 3D model of the special care nursery and equipment was created and used to generate an animated walk-through of the new space.


This project includes the following tasks:
• Create a 3D model of the special care nursery and populate with appropriate furnishings and equipment based on architectural drawings and photos.
• Produce a loopable HD video walkthrough of the renovated space
• Produce a series of high-resolution renderings from designated viewpoints to allow before/after comparison of the facility


Nursery photographThe special care nursery area at Franciscan St. Margaret Health is successfully created in 3D environment. A 2:20 loopable HD video was created and placed on display at the renovation site. A series of high-resolution images were rendered and used by Franciscan St. Margaret Health to produce static displays showing before/after imagery of the renovation site.

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Faculty Collaborator: Dr. Chenn Q. Zhou
Virtual nursery flyer

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