Virtual Construction


Virtual backhoe from virtual construction project.Virtual Construction of a Single-Family Wood Framed House. The simulation affords Constructions Science students to observe the process of building a house from a vacant site through the wood framing necessary to build the shell and interior partitions of a house. The virtual depiction of the construction gives the students a visual understanding of how the various components of footings, foundations, floors, walls and roofs are assembled. It is not possible to give the students this experience by taking field trips to an actual construction site due to the length of time that would be required. The virtual build allows them to gain this experience in one or two class periods.



To provide a virtual alternative to field trips, allowing students to experience all phases of construction of a wood frame house that would not otherwise be available during the course of a regular course.

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Faculty Collaborator: Dennis Korchek, Professor of Architectural Engineering Technology

Virtual Construction

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