Pyxis MedStation

Using Virtual Reality for Pyxis MedStation Training


Pyxis MedStation 3500

Pyxis MedStation 3500 (original model)

As automated medication dispensing stations become more prominent in hospitals, errors decrease and patient care increases. However, this requires user training and does not eliminate human error. Exploring new training options using virtual reality can lead to increased efficiency and a further reduction in medication errors.


Pyxis MedStation 3500 Simulation

Pyxis MedStation 3500 (simulated model)

In this project a model of the Pyxis MedStation 3500 will be created that can be adapted to represent the many configurations of the physical station. This model will then be incorporated into an immersive and interactive virtual environment in which nursing students can learn to use the system.



Providing an immersive virtual environment for nursing students will allow them to gain familiarity with the Pyxis MedStation System and identify potential sources of error so that areas for improvement can be addressed. Using a virtual reality simulation allows for control of environmental variables, increased ability to track details leading to errors and does not require physical access a MedStation. A preliminary study with faculty from the nursing department was performed and was favorably received.

Click the movie below to see the Pyxis MedStation in detail.

Faculty collaborator: Dr. Vottero, Dept. of Nursing

Pyxis MedStation

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