Active Threat Emergency Response Visualization

Supplemental 3D Segments for the Active Threat Shooter Situation


Overhead view of the 3D hospital and simulation.

Figure 1. Overhead view of the 3D hospital and simulation.

St. Margaret Health wished to create a series of 3d video segments to focus on important elements of an active threat situation. Video segments are intended to be mixed in with a presentation that will include an already existing live-action video sequence showing an active threat incident in the hospital. The 3d video segments are intended to support and draw attention to key elements of the live-action sequence.



“Things to look out for” visualization

Figure 2. “Things to look out for” visualization

  • Develop a 3d model of the hospital floor used in the live-action video sequence.
  • Populate the model with simplified computer generated characters representing people on the floor.
  • Create a series of animated segments focusing on key elements within the situation, using zoom, faded color, text overlays and other video effects to draw attention and highlight important items.


Segment involving potential threat targets.

Figure 3. Segment involving potential threat targets.

Deliverable for the project included a series of video segments totally approximately 5-6 minutes highlighting key elements in an Active Threat/Shooter situation. The segments augment the existing material with visualization unavailable with live action footage.  The sequences were engineered to coincide with the source material thematically as well as provide a level of congruity across the entirety of the project.

Click below to view a video of the Active Threat project.

Sponsor: St. Margaret Health

Active threat emergency response visualization project flyer 

Active Threat Project Flyer