Venturi Scrubber Throat Optimization and Design


Venturi Scrubber System

A venturi scrubber is a device which utilizes liquid to remove fine particulates from gaseous streams. ArcelorMittal USA has developed a pollution control process using venturi scrubber for removal of particulates from the exhaust gas in a sinter plant. However, excessive wear on the side wall of the throat has been found leading to considerable production downtime. Achieving a reduction in wear and effective optimization of the scrubber’s performance with increased efficiency requires a better understanding of the flow inside the device. In this condition, a new methodology is required to simulate the venturi scrubber operation in order to optimize the design.


Streamline Distribution of Existing Design

Streamline Distribution of Existing Design

In this project, the computational geometry of a 3-D model has been developed to simulate the interactive three-phase flow present in a venturi scrubber. All of the current operating and boundary conditions have been simulated with respect to the dimensions and parameters provided by Arcelor Mittal. The simulation results have been fully analyzed under several operating conditions and equipment configurations to evaluate the effect of different parameters on the flow characteristics in the production process.


Simulation Results

Comparison between field pictures and simulation results

Through numerical simulation of the existing scrubber, the cause of the wall erosion problem has been identified as water impingement problem. Based on parametric study results of various operating conditions and new nozzle design, an optimized design has been provided to eliminate any erosion issues on the wall.

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Faculty Collaborator: Dr. Chenn Q. Zhou
Sponsor: ArcelorMittal

Venturi Scrubber
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