Stroke Rehabilitation



To develop virtual rehabilitation system with data glove  and create task-oriented rehabilitation exercises in the virtual environment, we need to 1) calibrate  5DT data glove with Intersense IS-900 motion tracker, 2) create 3D upper limb model with 3D modeling tools, 3) animate the upper limb using skeleton-driven mesh deformation with OSG-VRjuggler, 4) investigate collision detection method and handle the collision between rigid and deformable object in OSG.

Aforementioned basic technologies have been used to create touching, reaching, grasping and moving rehabilitation exercises in daily living environment. The objective of this summer research is to develop the essential technology and software tools that can be used to develop more advanced rehabilitation tasks.

Click the movie below to see Stroke Rehabilitation in detail.

Faculty Collaborator:  Ge Jin D.Sc