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The walking cane-like shape of the scrubber.ArcelorMittal Plant, Burns Harbor (AM-BH) operates a sintering plant. Sinter produced is used as a supplement additive during iron producing process. The flue gas generated during the process is cleaned by a Flooded Disc Scrubber (Fig.1). The current Flooded Disc Scrubber system has been experiencing a significant decrease in the overall efficiency. This project aims to study the particle collection efficiency of flooded disk scrubber and analyze the overall flow distribution. 


Flow distribution under three separate conditions. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations are conducted to analyze flow distribution through the turning vanes and duct along with the distribution of the particles (iron dust) produced from the combustion inside the vanes. Flow measurement for the flooded disk in the scrubbing system and analyze the effect of water sprays by nozzles into the system. For this purpose non-uniform inlet velocity caused by the fan outlet with and without turning vanes was analyzed with a different non-uniformity in the inlet. Two phase flow was considered in these parts which are air and particles. For the next part four water inlets are introduced in the scrubber part including two types of nozzle, one named quadrant spray and flooded disk itself (Fig.3). To find out the flow distribution simulation results from previous part are taken as inlet condition.


Geometry and flow path lines.With and without turning veins shows recirculation before entering the turning veins, backflow through the top vanes (Fig.2, left) and  huge recirculation occurs but no backflow observed throughout the domain. (Fig.2, middle) Reducing the non-uniformity ratio recirculation reduces and backflow found only the region after the center plane and in the top veins only (Fig.2, right). Multiphase flow streamlines are showing in figure.3, releasing streamline from all the air and water inlets.

Sponsors: EQ Engineers, ArcelorMittal USA

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