Preheating Furnace


Preheating Furnace

On an aluminizing line, the steel is first passed through a preheating furnace to help bring the strip up to temperature. The preheating furnace in this case is a DFF ( Direct Fired Furnace ) and has a total of 40 natural gas burners. The goal of this project is to get a better understanding of the temperature distribution along the length of the strip as it passes through the DFF. A better understanding of the temperature distribution will allow for increased production efficiency, as well as increased product quality.


  • To develop a transient 3-D turbulent reacting CFD model to simulate a Direct Fired Furnace with a continuous moving steel strip
  • To model heat transfer on a continuous traveling strip and validate the CFD model using measured data
  • To present flow characteristics and temperature gradients, within both the furnace and the strip


  • A transient 3-D turbulent reacting CFD model that includes natural gas combustion and moving mesh technique was developed to simulate a preheating furnace
  • Validation of the model has been conducted. The good agreement between the measured data and calculated results has been achieved
  • The CFD results enable direct observation to the detailed flow characteristics inside the furnace thus provided insight into optimization of the furnace performance
  • The parallel computation on a multiple node cluster was employed to enhance computing capacity. Virtual Reality System has been employed to assist visualization and analysis of detailed simulation results

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Faculty Collaborator: Dr. Chenn Q. Zhou

Preheating Furnace

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