Mixing Tank


Mixing Tank

The mixing tank is a little like the mixer that you have in your kitchen, except much larger. It’s used to remove impurities from iron ore before the ore is put into the blast furnace. The goal of this project is to analyze a mixing tank and understand why an uneven distribution of ore existed in the tank. Once this understanding has been obtained, it is possible to modify the design of the tank to improve the mixing capability, and increase the performance of the mixing system.


  • To simulate the whole mixing process and examine the transient three dimensional fluid characteristics using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • To conduct parametric studies for optimization of solid particle suspension


  • A 3-D multiphase CFD model has been developed to simulate the whole mixing process. Transient agitating results have been monitored during the mixing process
    • Parametric studies are performed
    • The propeller blades achieve better suspension than turbine ones. However, none of them can provide enough vertical recirculation for mixing
    • The baffles improve the vertical circulation and solid suspension significantly
    • The increased blade size provides better mixing effect, especially on large particles
  • The simulation results provide the understanding and visualization of the current issues. The parametric studies provide the insight to optimize mixing performance

Click the movie below to see the Mixing Tank in detail. This is the original 2D version.


Click the movie below to see the 3D anaglyph version of the Mixing Tank.


Click the movie below to see the YouTube 3D version of the Mixing Tank.

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Faculty Collaborator: Dr. Chenn Q. Zhou