Alverno Labs Visualization

A Virtual Environment Showcases Advanced Medical Technologies


Image of Alverno Lab visualization showing medical equipment.

PCL Alverno, a full-service, community-based medical laboratory located in Hammond, Indiana, is celebrating their latest in a long line of accolades: being acknowledged as an innovator in Northwest Indiana by the Society of Innovators (sponsored by Ivy Tech). As PCL Alverno prepares to host the Innovators Café event at their facilities, they turn to CIVS to both provide a full, virtual tour of their labs, and to plan the space of their facilities to incorporate new equipment that will help save lives.


Another image of Alverno Lab visualization from a different angle which shows different work stations.

Develop an interactive 3D environment featuring three core devices for automating lab procedures. Work with PCL Alverno to plan the allotment of space throughout the lab, including the placement of core lab equipment. Provide a visualization of the process demonstrating the function of the three core automation devices.


Another view of the work stationsAnother image of the visualization showing different lab equipment. Visualization of a vehicle used by Alverno.

Students developed a virtual environment based on the facilities at PCL Alverno. The virtual models were utilized in planning placement of critical equipment in the microbiology lab. In addition, the project team worked directly with Alverno to produce a virtual tour of the entire lab facility, following a specimen through various tests and procedures on-site. A 3D video was presented at Alverno for their Innovators Café showcase.


Alverno Clinical Laboratories is a leader in innovation for medical testing and services over 20 hospitals in Indiana and Illinois. CIVS worked with Alverno to create a 3D virtual tour of their lab featuring new automated equipment and showing a comprehensive overview the processes involved in medical testing. The tour is used to provide improved understanding for viewers unfamiliar with the medical lab environment and describes many of the key processes in the different areas of Alverno including: General Laboratory, Microbiology, and Anatomic Pathology. More information can be viewed in this press release. [Opens in New Window]

Sponsor: Alverno Clinical Laboratory

Alverno Visualization Flyer
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