Air Distributor


Air Distributor

The air distributor is a duct system that distributes air from one inlet to eleven outlets that feed into a hydrogen reformer.  The objective of the project is to analyze the  the mass flow rate of air through the different outlet and have a uniform mass flow rate at each outlet. Combustion air distributors are widely used in many areas such as the automotive industry, petroleum industry and steel industry. In the hydrogen reformer furnace, the air distributor being considered is used to supply air from one inlet and distribute air into eleven outlets which connect directly with burners. In order to create a safe, stable environment for equipment, a uniform flow rate at each outlet is required.


  • Analyze flow distribution between the eleven different outlet ducts using CFD
  • Determine whether there is a significant difference in the outlet mass flow rates
  • Recommend the damper positions that provide uniform mass flow rates
  • Convert CFD models to virtual reality for easy analysis and discussion


  • A 3D turbulent combustion CFD model has been developed.
  • The degree of uneven temperature distribution will be reported with all flow characteristics, such as velocity, species concentration, flow pattern, etc.
  • VR visualization has been employed to analyze the CFD results in a 3D immersive environment.

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Faculty Collaborator: Dr. Chenn Q. Zhou