CIVS PhD Student Successfully Defends Thesis

Dong Fu, a graduate research assistant at CIVS successfully defended his PhD thesis “Numerical Simulation of Ironmaking Blast Furnace Shaft” at Purdue University West Lafayette on Feb. 27th , 2014.

Supervised by Prof. Chenn Zhou in CIVS, Dong Fu conducted his senior design project, Master thesis and Ph.D thesis in the areas of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The CFD software packages he developed are currently used by steel industry to design, optimize, and trouble shoot the blast furnace operation. “The research experience in CIVS has well prepared me for the real-world problem solving skills. The projects I worked on in CIVS significantly enhanced my technical knowledge on modeling, simulation and visualization. Those are the key factors that helped me for the successful thesis defense and eventually got an excellent job offer even before graduation. I am very grateful to all CIVS faculty, staff and students. I really appreciated all the helps from them. CIVS is my family in US because I felt home here.” said Fu.

Fu came to the United States in fall of 2007 to complete his senior year of engineering at Purdue University Calumet as as an English Training in Engineering (ETIE) student. He received a Bachelor’s Degree from Beijing Institute of Technology, China, in 2008 and went on to complete his Master’s Degree of Science in Engineering in 2009 from Purdue University Calumet. In addition to Professor Zhou (chair), Fu’s PhD committee included Professors Fleeter (co-chair), Shi, and Choi at Purdue West Lafayette.

Speaking on CIVS preparing him for his career, Fu said “The constant interaction with industry such as meetings, presentations, and seminars helped me understand their needs and perspectives. During those activities, I learned the skills to convey my ideas and work with people with from many different backgrounds. These are vital skills that I learned at CIVS and that have made me more competitive in my job search.” 

Upon his graduation, Fu has accepted a full time position in 3M Company as a Senior Predictive Engineer where he did his summer internship in 2013. 

Dong Fu posing at his work station.