CIVS presents Student Research Showcase


CIVS Student Research Showcase

The Power of Computer Simulation and Visualization
Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation Powers Building Rooms 107 – 123
April 26, 2012 from 1 – 3 pm


Immersive Theater (Powers 115) – “Flying into the Third Dimension”
The technologies of 3-D Games and Hollywood Movies used for real world problems

  • Demonstration of  3-D Chemistry, Flooding of Lake County, Ground Water Quality, Mining Drill, Protein Structures, Mixing Tank , RF Distributions in an Airplane Cabin, Scrubber, French Poetry, and Virtual Blast Furnace

Visualization Lab (Powers 119) – “Visualize the Future”
Cutting edge visualizations and technology development comes to life.

  • Virtual Education/Training: Home Construction, Hospital Emergency Preparation, Mission Ocean, Planck Satellite, Power Plant Boiler, Wind Energy
  • Virtual Construction/Economic Development: Borman Expressway, Gary Airport, Gary City Planning, Hammond Academy, St. Margaret Nursery

Simulation Lab (Powers 108) – “Yeah! We Can Simulate That”
Simulation of real world structures and phenomena saves time and money, and leads to innovation.

  • Demonstration of  over 20 industrial projects in Virtual Design for solving real world issues which have saved more than $30 million dollars

CIVS Hallway (Powers 1st Floor Hall) – “Life is Good”
Demonstration of Biomedical and Healthcare projects including: Brain Imaging, Med Station, Protein Structures, Rehabilitation, and Spine Modeling

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