Request for Proposals

FY 2010/11

Northwest Indiana Computational Grid (NWICG) Project
Purdue University Calumet


Program Description

The Northwest Indiana Computational Grid (NWICG) Project at Purdue University Calumet invites proposals to fund research computing applications which make use of the new Miner PC Cluster at PUC and/or the high performance grid network connecting Purdue Calumet to the Indiana I-Light computer network.  Projects may include use of the CIVS Visualization Laboratory and other NWICG-funded resources on the West Lafayette campus and/or those at Notre Dame University. In all cases the proposed projects should be aligned with the goal and objectives of the NWICG Project.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to consider proposals that include collaborators from other NWICG institutions (Purdue West Lafayette and Notre Dame).

At Purdue University Calumet, the NWICG Project is closely aligned with the mission of the Center for Innovation through Simulation and Visualization (CIVS).  As such, applicants are encouraged to consider how CIVS will be able to support, extend and enhance proposed investigations, particularly as they age out of seed support from the NWICG Project.

This RFP seeks proposals which may result in significant intellectual insight and/or demonstrable economic benefit to the NW Indiana Region.  Proposals should explain the need for high performance computing resources and how the Miner cluster will contribute to the success of the proposed activity.  The need for high performance computing resources must be explicitly demonstrated.  Proposals which fail to do so will not be considered for funding, at any level.

Our expectation is the funding of 5 – 10 summer projects, funded from approximately $150,000.  Projects showing great promise near the end of the summer period will be considered for extended funding through the rest of FY 2010/11.  Proposals submitted to this RFP should bear this possibility in mind, but should concentrate on summer activities and display a budget consistent for summer work only.  There are no specific budget limitations for budgets, save those few listed below.


The goal of the Federal funding provided for the NWICG Project was to build a network that when connected to national and international research networks would make possible the sharing, enhancement, and integration of available network, computational, storage, middleware, and visualization resources at Notre Dame and the two campuses of Purdue.  The specific objectives of the NWICG Project are:

  • Support high-value, high-return scientific projects that, in turn, advance primarily energy-related science and
  • Enable continued world-class advances in the underlying technologies of grids and high performance computing.


  • All tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply.
  • Students included in proposals should be degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate students at Purdue University Calumet.  U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status is not required for student funding.

Funding Guidelines

  • Summer faculty salaries are limited to 50% FTE (1 month) of full summer salary with the maximum allowable of $5000.
  • Proposals which incorporate undergraduate and/or graduate student research experiences are encouraged.  Student salaries are allowable budget items.
  • Collaborations with researchers from the other members of the NWICG Project is strongly encouraged and sought.  Collaborators from other universities are also welcomed.
  • Funding of collaborators will be considered, but only where other funding is unavailable and the collaborators are essential to the success of the project.  Arguments for collaborator funding will be given special attention in the review process.

Proposal Guidelines

  • Each proposal must include an abstract of no more than one page, as part of the total page limit.  The abstract should summarize the intellectual merit of the proposed project, as well as why the high performance cluster computing and/or grid access is essential to the success of the proposed project.
  • Proposals should be limited to ten (10) double-spaced, typed pages with no less than 11-point font.  This page limit includes figures, but does not include references, budgets, or one page relevant biographies of PI and co-PI’s
  • Each proposal may have one Primary Investigator (PI), but may have any number of Co-Investigators.  The PI is responsible for grant management, project management and reporting.
  • Each proposal should list the contact information, including phone number and e-mail address for the Primary Investigator.
  • Proposals are due electronically, in PDF (Acrobat) format, to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs by 11:00 pm CDT, Thursday, 22 April 2010.
  • E-mail proposals to: Please identify “NWICG Proposal” in e-mail subject line.

Selection Process

  • Primary Investigators will be contacted by e-mail on Friday, 23 April 2010, to confirm successful proposal submission.
  • A review panel, formed by the VCAA, will review the submitted proposals.
  • Notice of intent to fund is expected by 03 May 2010.

Project Requirements and Deliverables

A final report by October 1, 2010 is required as well as a presentation at the Fall Research Forum.  Expectations are for these efforts to lead to publications, designs, or grant proposals.