Providing industry ‘valuable insight’

Zhou said that while other universities have facilities similar to the CVIS, few campuses tend to use them as Purdue Calumet does in collaboration with industrial needs.

“The industries are right here, and they need our help,” Zhou said.

David White, director of process research for steel manufacturer ArcelorMittal’s Research & Development unit in East Chicago, agrees.

“In recent years, ArcelorMittal has come to the (Purdue Calumet) CFD lab for help simulating a number of industrial problems, including mixing tanks for raw materials preparation, blast furnace fuel utilization and campaign life, billet reheat furnace energy efficiency, a sinter plant venture scrubber for reducing operating downtime and cost, and a strip heating uniformity problem,” (see accompanying story) he said.

“In each case CFD simulation has allowed us to gain valuable insight into the complex heat transfer and fluid flow phenomenon that occur in these processes, which has led to significant process improvements.”