Strategic Plan

Computer Information Technology and Graphics Department Mission:
The mission of the Purdue University Calumet Computer Information Technology and Graphics (CITG) department is to provide superior academic programs to the students of Purdue University Calumet, acclaimed service to the Calumet region, and excellence in scholarship to the information technology community.

Strategic Goals:

  1. The CITG department foremost goal is to provide collegial support of the strategic goals of the University.
  2. The CITG department will produce an academically rounded student capable of leading and implementing cutting edge technology solutions within the business community.
  3. The CITG department will work to enhance the ability of a student to adapt to the ever changing information technologies and be a change agent in the business community.
  4. The CITG department will continually generate curriculum that will develop student critical thinking skills, and prepare the student for further professional development, scholarship, and graduate studies.
  5. The CITG department will furnish the student with the skills of ethical conduct, leadership, community involvement, and personal responsibility.
  6. The CITG department will provide cutting edge service, and be a tactical and strategic partner to the local and global communities.
  7. The CITG department will strive to contribute to the scholarship and the body of knowledge that is information technology.