Student Competition Success

Sarah Simmons and Stephanie Peters, CGT students, were awarded third places in the Computing and Engineering categories of the Engineering Education Service Center (EESC) Spring 2014 Poster Contest! The contest was sponsored by the ABET organization. Their achievements in this national competition demonstrate their excellence and creativity as well as the strength of the CGT program.

Danielle Douglas, CGT 216 instructor, provided inspiration, encouragement, support and advising to the students participating in this contest. This year 8 students in CGT 216 submitted their posters to the competition. Another CGT 216 student, Joseph Ulber, majoring in Visual Communication was awarded 2nd place in the competition.

 The list of winners can be found at [Opens in New Window], and both students’ posters can be viewed at our CGT twitter site: [Opens in New Window].

We are so excited to note that is NOT the first time our CGT students finished at the top places in this competition. In past competitions, advised by CGT lecturer Barbara Labus, students from her CGT-216 course finished in the 3rd place and two students received honorable mention.