Research Interests



Faculty in the Department are engaged in research in a variety of sub-fields in chemistry, physics and astronomy.  At Purdue University Calumet, the faculty are encouraged to pursue research actively as part of their regular work activity.  Descriptions of faculty research programs can be found below:


Professor Libbie Pelter works in the area of organometallics and catalysis.

Professor Michael Pelter is involved in the areas of organic sythesis, molecular modeling, and chemical education.

Professor Hal Pinnick works on synthetic organic chemistry, particularly of pharmacologically active molecules.

Professor Maria Longas is involved in funded research on the biochemistry of Alzheimer’s Disease and on the chemistry of aging.

Professor Kay Rowberg’s research focuses on environmental chemistry.

Professor Alan Szeto is focused on chemistry education.

Physics and Astronomy

Professor Neeti Parashar is a high energy physicist who works on both the DØ Project at Fermilab and the CMS Project at CERN from Fermilab.

Professors Adam Rengstorf and Shawn Slavin are astronomers working on the Northwest Indiana Robotic Telescope Project.  Dr. Rengstorf also works on research in the area of quasar variability.  Dr. Slavin is involved in the computational astrophysics of dense star cluster dynamics and high performance computing at Purdue Calumet.