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Friday University with Kay Rowberg

This course examines the source of color in art objects with Purdue Calumet Chemist, Kathryn Rowberg. Emphasis will be placed on the interactions of pigments, dyes and light with various media. Several examples of art pieces will be discussed and interesting chemical and physical principles will be demonstrated. For example, we will examine why the power of Titian was his color and hunt for phantom hands in the Raft of Medusa by Gericault.


Dept. of Chemistry & Physics

2014 Outstanding Student Award

Daniel Suson and Devin Whitten

Daniel Suson and Devin Whitten

Congratulations, DEVIN WHITTEN!!


Adam Rengstorf Named Academic

Director of Summer Science Program

Photo of Adam Rengstorf

Dr. Adam Rengstorf, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Purdue University


Calumet, has been named Academic Director of the 2014 Summer Science Program (SSP) campus at the New Mexico Institute of Technology. For the past two summers, Dr. Rengstorf has taught at SSP’s California campus as Associate Academic Director.


Each summer since 1959, the Summer Science Program hosts 36 of the world’s top high school science students and immerses them in hands-on astronomical research: imaging and measuring the speck of light from a near-earth asteroid, and writing software to calculate its orbit from those measurements.

This central project is supplemented with prominent guest speakers and behind-the-scenes field trips to Magdalena Ridge Observatory, the Very Large Array of radio telescopes in the New Mexican desert, and more.

SSP is operated by an independent non-profit, in cooperation with Caltech, MIT and host campuses New Mexico Tech and Westmont College. Complete information is at