Finance and Administration Organizational Chart

Download a copy of the Finance and Administration Organizational Chart (PDF).

Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration Stephen Turner

  • Executive Assistant to Vice Chancellor Finance and Administration
  • Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance & Business Services
    • Assistant Vice Chancellor, General Services / Assistant Comptroller
    • Director, Accounting
    • Budget Managers
    • Business Managers
  • Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities & Capital Projects
    • Senior Capital Projects Manager
    • Maintenance Manager
    • Senior Director, Facilities & Grounds
  • Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
    • Associate Director, Employee Relations
    • Associate Director, Training & Benefits
    • Senior Payroll Clerk Coordinator
    • Senior Appt. Specialist Human Resources
  • Directory, Public Safety
    • Police Departments
    • Emergency Preparedness
    • R.E.M. / Compliance
  • Director, Space Planning & Management
    • Project Manager
    • Interior Design

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Effective: September, 2014