Finance and Administration Organizational Chart

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Vice Chancellor, Finance & Administration Stephen Turner (Calumet / North Central)

  • Executive Assistant to Vice Chancellor Finance and Administration: Gail Kemper (Calumet/North Central)

Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance & Business Services: Phil Jankowski (Calumet/North Central)


  • Director of Financial Affairs: Donna Adelsperger
  • Director, Procurement & General Services: Phillip Brown
  • Bursar: Kevin Popa
  • Senior Business Manager: Terri Chance
  • Senior Business Manager:  Martin Denkhoff
  • Contract/Business Specialist: Rhonda Penman
  • Information Access Specialist: Terry Stinnett
  • Director, Riley Child Care: Tamra Bottomlee

North Central

  • Director of Financial Affairs: Brock Martin
  • Director, Procurement & General Services: Elizabeth Depew
  • Bursar: Beverly Puller
  • Facilities Coordinator and Business Services Assistant: Angel Cable

Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities & Capital Projects: Michael Kull (Calumet / North Central)

  • Senior Capital Projects Manager: Paul Pratt (Calumet)
  • Senior Director, Facilities & Grounds: L. James Sallee (Calumet / North Central)
  • Maintenance Manager:  Jerry Pysher (Calumet)

Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources: Sue Miller (Calumet / North Central)


  • Associate Director, Human Resources: Michelle Clauss
  • Associate Director, Staff Training & Benefits: Colleen Robison
  • Wellness Coordinator: Gayle O’Connor

North Central

  • Director of Employment & Compensation: Jan Hanchar
  • Benefits Administrator: Kyle Mulcrone
  • Wellness Coordinator: Kendra Gardin

Director, Public Safety: Brian Miller (Calumet / North Central)

  • Chief of Police: Anthony Martin, Jr. (Calumet)
  • Chief of Police: Terrence Scherer (North Central
  • Transportation Crew: Diana Williams (Calumet)
  • R.E.M. Occupational Health & Safety Specialist: John Feeney (Calumet/North Central)

Senior Director, Space Management, Planning & Design: Michelle Grant (Calumet)

  • Academic Project Manager, Calumet: Vacant
  • Facilities Project Assistant: Amy Snyder (Calumet / North Central)
  • CAD Technician / Drafter: Ann Heaney (Calumet/North Central)

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Effective: November, 2015