Academic Affairs Organizational Chart

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Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs and Provost: Peggy Gerard

  • Assistant Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs Finance and Project Management: Marvery Griffin
  • Executive Assistant Academic Affairs: Tania Sanders
    • Administrative Assistant Academic Affairs: Vacant

Interim Dean, College of Nursing: Lisa Hopp (effective August 1, 2014)

  • Coordinator, Undergraduate Nursing: Kathleen Nix
  • Coordinator, Graduate Nursing: Jane Walker

Dean, College of Business: Jane Mutchler

  • Head, Information Systems, Finance & Business Analytics: Kuan Chou Chen
  • Head, Marketing, HR, & Management: Susan Connors
  • Interim Head, White Lodging College of Hospitality & Tourism Management: Norm Faiola
  • Interim Administrative Head, Accounting: Edward Furticella

Dean, College of Education: Alice Anderson

  • Head, Teacher Preparation: Cynthia Robinson
  • Graduate Education

Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences: Ronald Corthell

  • Head, Behavioral Sciences: Anne Edwards
  • Head, Communication & Creative Arts: Tom Roach
  • Head, Foreign Languages and Literatures: Marisa Garcia-Verdugo
  • Interim Head, History & Political Science: Paul McGrath
  • Head, English & Philosophy: Daniel Punday

Dean, College of Engineering, Mathematics, and Science: William Law

  • Head, Electrical & Computer Engineering: Nasser Houshangi
  • Head, Mechanical Engineering: George Nnanna
  • Head, Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics: Catherine Murphy
  • Interim Head, Biological Sciences: W-T Evert Ting
  • Interim Head, Chemistry & Physics: Daniel Suson

Dean, College of Technology: Niaz Latif

  • Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies College of Technology: Mohammad Zahraee
  • Head, Construction Science & Organizational Leadership: Anthony Gregory
  • Acting Head, Engineering Technology: Anthony Gregory
  • Interim Head, Computer Information Technology & Graphics: Charles Winer

Associate Vice Chancellor, Research and Graduate Studies: Chenn Zhou

  • Director, Graduate Studies: Joy Colwell
  • Director, Sponsored Programs: Maja Marjanovic
  • Director, Undergraduate Research: Libbie Pelter
  • Chair, Research Board: David Nalbone
  • Centers and Institutes
    • Director, PUC Water Institute: George Nnanna
    • Director, Center for Innovation Through Visualization & Simulation: Chenn Zhou
    • Director, Energy Efficiency & Reliability Center: Robert Kramer

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Quality and Outreach: Beth Pellicciotti

  • Director of Student Success & Transition: D.E. Elston
  • Manager, Experiential Learning: 
  • Director, Space Management, Planning &  Design: Michelle Grant

Assistant Vice Chancellor for International Affairs: Dallas Kenny

  • Director, Immigration Services: Marsha Gordon
  • Director, ESL Program: Mohammed Errihani
  • Assistant Director, International Admissions: Anka Matijevich

Director, Institutional Research: Gillian Leonard

  • Associate Director, Institutional Research: Jeff Schieb

Director, Honors Program: John Rowan

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Effective: July, 2014