4 Transitional Goals for Driving the Future of
Purdue Calumet

Chancellor Thomas Keon has articulated the following goals for shaping future thinking and actions relating to Purdue Calumet

1. Academic Excellence

Academic excellence is the foundation of all we do and for all we stand. It is heaped in the world class Purdue education we offer and the Purdue degree our students persist to earn. Yet, from a multi-faceted perspective, academic excellence goes beyond that.

It weaves faculty development and scholarship, resulting in cutting edge instruction. It produces proactive recruitment and retention, generating the best fit of committed students. It fosters matriculation efforts and strategies to enable effective assessment and monitoring of student success and goal-achievement. Beyond degree completion, it demands that we help place our graduates in viable careers and/or advanced education.

Finally, academic excellence embraces our instructional facilities as instruments that advance the efforts of our students to become the best they can be.

2. Learning through Engagement & Discovery

Expanding our commitment to experiential learning—integrating traditional and applied lessons on a platform of real world significance—is more important than ever before in our fast-changing, 21st century society.

Learning by doing through student research, internships, senior projects, cultural immersion and service learning generates priceless experiences for a lifetime that distinguish and validate the Purdue education we offer.

Another way we must encourage our students to learn through engagement and discovery is by their participation in student organizations, activities and other opportunities outside the classroom and laboratory. Such endeavors cultivate a lifetime of community interest, involvement and leadership.

3. Inclusivity

An environment in which all individuals perceive that they fit into our campus community is the university we aspire to be. Inclusivity, which goes well beyond diversity, is about respecting the views of others and their right to express those views even if we disagree.

Inclusivity is strengthened by:

  • exercising individual equality,
  • sharing ideas and opinions openly and freely,
  • using our governance system to provide wide ranging representation of all university community members and their ideas,
  • facilitating cultural development and
  • promoting internationalization.

4. Community and Business Partnerships

Partnerships—two-way opportunities for mutual benefit—go a long way in enriching and strengthening Purdue Calumet and society. We have virtually limitless opportunities to procure and nurture productive and beneficial partnerships that . . .

  • fuel economic development;
  • engage our constituents—students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff and employers;
  • build campus pride through athletic prowess;
  • support our reputation as a viable, caring, responsible and dependable friend and neighbor;
  • fortify our status as a regional center of culture and expertise; and
  • open doors to effective friend-raising.