Chancellor’s Goals: 2007-08

Chancellor Howard Cohen Chancellor Howard Cohen

Goals for 2007-08

    1. Enrollment Management
      • Meet enrollment goals of 9400 (headcount) and 198,000 billable hours
      • Assess all student success programs for effectiveness at improving retention
      • Develop 2 new graduate certificate programs
      • Develop a strategy and financial plan to increase graduate school enrollment to 1100 students and 15,000 billable hours by Fall 2010
      • Identify and address incentives/disincentives to reduce late registration and payment
      • Hire and train a scholarship coordinator to assure that available scholarships are awarded to eligible students
    2. Residential Life/Campus Life
      • Complete design/programming and begin construction of University Village Phase 2
      • Launch the Student Affairs Assessment Plan
      • Create a co-curricular transcript
      • Evaluate learning communities in the Student Achievement Center and in University Village
      • Gather data on TRIO participants who enroll in Purdue Calumet
      • Assess and revise university transportation system
      • Establish a student travel policy for domestic and international travel
      • Implement strategies to rebuild the PUC Athletics programs
        • Generate interest in, support for, and attendance at campus athletic events
      • Prepare informational documents on dealing with potentially dangerous students
    3. Experiential Learning
      • Develop 5 new courses to serve as models for integrating experiential learning into the curriculum
      • Create an exciting and dynamic Experiential Learning web site and link to a web front page “button”.
    4. International Programs
      • Expand enrollment of international students to 400 by Fall 2008
      • Assess international student service needs and implement a plan to address them.
    5. Textbooks
      • Hire a coordinator to help academic departments and faculty adopt scheduling and course materials selection processes
      • Implement strategies for controlling textbook costs
    1. Faculty and Staff Development
      • Establish a teaching evaluation and assessment program at the department level
      • Establish and schedule Supervise for Success to provide timely training for new supervisors and refresher training for others, including an assessment component for core competencies
      • Develop and implement supplemental training opportunities for supervisors and other university employees
      • Conduct a salary analysis of faculty, professional staff and classified staff and develop an implementation plan to address any identified deficiencies
      • Revise the new staff employment orientation
    2. Accreditation
      • Complete revision of AQIP System Portfolio
      • Establish a system to encourage and monitor continual improvement in critical university processes and services
      • Establish milestones for all three current AQIP projects: General Education, Academic Program Review, Supervisory Training
        • Complete first cycle of program reviews
      • Identify the next AQIP projects (consider: employer survey on satisfaction with graduates, inventory technologies commonly used by students and build learning strategies in relation to them, and mapping key operational processes)
    3. Organization
      • Recruit a Dean of Engineering, Math and Science
      • Hire a staff member to work with Luminis CTIS installation team
    1. Campus Master Plan
      • Continue campus master planning process to produce a Board of Trustees approved master plan
        • Identify initial projects and develop implementation plans
    2. Information Technology
      • Implement OnePurdue HR and Financial Systems
        • Complete all appropriate training in 2007-08
      • Complete development of the PUC Visualization Center
      • Establish a time line for the installation of Luminis Portal and other Banner enhancements
      • Complete IT Strategic Plan with measurable goals, an implementation strategy, cost estimates and a funding strategy
        • Plan a campus-wide discussion of our IT strategy
    3. Facilities
      • Begin design and engineering work for Emerging Technologies Building
      • Complete Gyte renovation Phase 2 and prepare plans for Phase 3
      • Complete YJean Chambers Hall
      • University Village Phase 2 (see 2 above)
    1. Incubator Development
      • Implement Hammond Business Incubator
      • Plan for expansion of Purdue NWI Technology Center Develop transition management plan from PRF to Purdue Calumet
    2. Institutes and Centers
      • Recruit named professorships to support the mission of Centers and Institutes and develop expertise in:
        • Water Quality and Security
        • Science and Technology Education
        • Entrepreneurship
      • Develop an administrative support structure for Centers and Institutes
      • Continue the Water Institute public lecture series program
      • Identify and develop 2 new centers
    1. Advancement
      • Develop a funding plan for capital projects
      • Actively recruit donors for planned gifts – bequests and estate vehicles
        • Conduct personal visits to planned giving prospects
      • Hire an Annual Fund Director
        • Develop an Annual Fund solicitation plan
        • Set goals for Annual Fund solicitations and track quarterly
      • Continue to meet goals of:
        • 10% increase in alumni contacts
        • 100 new PAAC members
        • 1% increase in alumni donors
        • Continue to track attendance at alumni events and reorganize events calendar based on assessment of results
        • 20% increase in alumni email data base
        • Increase percentage of faculty and staff that participate in campus campaign
        • $2,000,000 in annual gifts
    2. Marketing and Communications
      • Develop and implement a university-wide marketing plan
      • Create a process to review and update content on campus web pages
      • Create a University Events Calendar
      • Develop content and presentation for Luminis web portal in conjunction with CTIS
        • Design a user friendly and dynamic “front page” for Luminis users
    3. Multi-cultural Campus
      • Develop a proposal to grow our own faculty through identification and financial support of selected lecturers and staff.
      • Establish a process for assessing campus climate for multi-cultural inclusiveness
    4. Emergency Response
      • Continue response preparation activities of Crisis Management Team
      • Complete and implement plan to develop second tier response