Chancellor’s Goals: 2003-04

Chancellor Howard Cohen Chancellor Howard Cohen

Goals for 2003-04

  1. Strategic Initiatives Implementation

    Goal 1: Student Success – Implement Student Success Network

    1. Staff supplemental instruction program in 90 course sections
    2. Complete pilot new student conference for Fall 03 and implement for all new students for Spring 04
    3. Implement freshman seminars in all schools by Fall 04
    4. Increase participation in undergraduate research program from 50 to 75 students
    5. Review and adopt student employment task force report
    6. Establish assessment standards for all Student Success Network programs

    Goal 2: Faculty/Staff Excellence

    1. Return professional development center proposal to committee for more specific definition of goals
    2. Identify professional development needs at the school level
    3. Strengthen support structure for sponsored research

    Goal 3: High Performance Learning Environment

    1. Convert classroom management technology from Blackboard to WebCT Adopt by 325 faculty
    2. Develop facilities and program proposal for Gyte Science Tower for consideration in 05-07 budget

    Goal 4: Regional Economic Development

    1. Hire two staff and begin business development for Purdue Northwest Indiana Technology Center
    2. Secure sponsorships for Entrepreneurship Center participants (target $60,000/year)
    3. Revive continuing education program with an economic development focus
    4. Implement East/West partnership with City of Hammond
    5. Continue to create and expand program advisory boards
  2. Enrollment Management
    1. Review and receive Enrollment Management Task Force Report
    2. Identify and implement highest priority recommendations in Enrollment Management plan
    3. Implement Purdue system-wide collaborative admissions plan
    4. Assign enrollment and retention targets to each academic department
  3. Accreditation
    1. Complete first iteration of AQIP portfolio
    2. Undergo ABET accreditation review
  4. Student Housing
    1. Complete private fund-raising to attain $2m goal
    2. Bid project for Board approval by February 2004 and commence construction May 2004
    3. Develop residential life policies and organizational structure
    4. Develop marketing materials
  5. Advancement
    1. Comprehensive Campaign public kick off October 28
    2. Develop campaign plans for all specific development projects
    3. Initiate Chancellor’s Advisory Board
  6. Marketing and Communications
    1. Implement “Plan for Success with Purdue University Calumet” brand campaign
    2. Conduct a communication audit (external and internal) to evaluate campus communications
  7. Facilities
    1. Begin construction of student housing (see 4. above)
    2. Complete planning and begin construction for parking garage
    3. Develop program statement for Gyte Science Tower (see 3.b. above)
    4. Develop plan for South County Learning Center with PRF.
  8. Information Technology
    1. Develop an IT strategy for academic affairs and student services
    2. Establish a relationship to ERP system planning at Purdue West Lafayette
  9. New programs
    1. Create a new program development priority list in Academic Affairs. Plan for 2 additional program over the next 3 years.
    2. Develop a proposal for a Future of Water Institute
  10. Institutional Research
    1. Complete hires of IR director and support staff
    2. Develop a standard set of research reports for campus leadership
  11. Diversity
    1. Implement campus diversity climate audit
    2. Based on survey results, develop campus diversity training programs
    3. Undertake a salary study to determine campus salary equity
  12. Regional Economic Development
    1. Begin program development for Purdue NWI Technology Center (See 1, Goal 4, a)
    2. Expand participation in Entrepreneurship Center programs (See 1, Goal 4, b)
    3. Continue Chancellor’s participation in a variety of regional economic development organizations (NWI Forum, Northwest Initiative, Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce)
    4. Support and strengthen faculty relationship with steel industry
    5. Support Senator Bayh’s Job Fair/Business Fair at Purdue Calumet
  13. Leadership Development
    1. Implement a campus review of Senior Leadership Team performance
    2. Begin full review process for Chancellor’s direct reports