2003 – 2004 Annual Report

Purdue University Calumet
2003 – 2004 Annual Report

Submitted by
Chancellor Howard Cohen

Summary of Activities

  • Implemented Enrollment Management Plan to progress toward growth to 10,500 students. Major components budgeted for 2004-05.
  • Implemented major retention strategies: Orientation, Freshman Seminars, and Supplemental Instruction. Required a reorganization of University Division.
  • Campaign Kick-off for $10.8 million “Plan for Success” comprehensive campaign
  • Initiated planning for Water Institute, Center for Energy Efficiency and Reliability, and Center for Minorities and Women in Construction
  • Addressed transitions in Leadership Team (replacing Executive Assistant and preparing to replace Vice Chancellor for Advancement)
  • Formed Chancellor’s Advisory Board
  • Construction planning and implementation for Student Housing, Parking Garage and Academic Learning Center (Merrillville). Also participated in development of Purdue Technology Center of Northwest Indiana development
  • Created Academic Integrity Task Force
  1. Strategic Initiatives Implementation

    Goal 1: Student Success

    What we accomplished:

    Reconstructed University Division into the Student Success Network

    • Hired Assistant Vice Chancellor Ron Kovach to oversee this effort
    • Reassigned staff to schools, learning center, supplemental instruction program, internship development and outreach
    • Implemented New Student Orientation (29 sections in Summer 04 for Fall)
    • Completed implementation of Freshman Seminar in all academic programs
    • Implemented Supplemental Instruction (130 sections served in 2003-04)
    • Increased participation in Undergraduate Research Program (70 students and 37 faculty members participated)

    Student Financial Support

    • Adopted Student Employment Task Force report and allocated $400,000 to student wages in supplemental instruction
    • Increased annual scholarship awards to $718,000
    • Received more than $300,000 for 21st Century Scholars mentoring program and 21st Century Scholars summer transition program
    • Created “Best and Brightest” Scholarship award program and implemented it for Fall 04 (170 students have applied and 89 have registered to date for Fall 04)
    • Developing a financial aid early notification process

    Student Housing

    • Completed all approvals. Groundbreaking in March 2004

    Goal 2: Faculty and Staff Excellence

    Professional Development

    • Created a Faculty Development plan and allocated $180,000 to implement it in 2004-05
    • Conducted the first Purdue Calumet Forum on Research
    • Supported professional development program at monthly “faculty club” lunches
    • Identified niche areas of academic excellence around faculty expertise and provided support for seeking applications-focused sponsored research
    • Developed conceptual frameworks for Water Institute, Center for Energy Efficiency and Reliability and Center for Minorities and Women in Construction
    • Identified administrative professional staff to reallocate into a staff development program

    Positions and Compensation

    • Allocated funds to convert 20 visiting and continuous lecturer positions into tenure track faculty lines
    • Added 0.5 percent to salary increase funds for EMME
    • Planned for five Lilly Challenge professorships

    Goal 3: High Performance Learning Environment

    Technology Infrastructure

    • Created Academic Computing Council and Technology Infrastructure Committee to plan technology improvements
    • Participate in Purdue Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Adopted Web-CT/Vista instructional software to replace Blackboard Challenges require work to continue in order to complete this transition in April of 2004


    • Developed plan for replacing Gyte Annex with Emerging Technologies Tower. Part of Purdue capital submission for 2005-07

    Goal 4: Regional Economic Development

    Purdue Technology Center of Northwest Indiana

    • Construction underway
    • Hired a Program/ Facilities Manager and a Business Development Specialist
    • Worked out supervision and reporting with Purdue Research Foundation

    Entrepreneurship Center

    • Developed a fundraising plan to support participants
    • Created “Opportunities” program to encourage new start-up businesses
    • Participated in Lilly Initiative “Opportunities for Indiana” and placed 11 students in summer internships with small business technology companies in Northwest Indiana.
    • Partner with Empowerment Zone and Hammond Development Corporation to support emerging small businesses
    • Working on a major gift for naming rights to the Entrepreneurship Center

    Academic Learning Center

    • Completed approval process for construction (Purdue Research Foundation) and lease of building in Merrillville
    • Successful bid in July 2004

    Community Advisory Boards

    • Increased boards to 20 and membership to 228
    • Closed East/West Partnership with City of Hammond (regime change)
  2. Enrollment Management

    • Implementation of Enrollment Management Task Force Plan
      • Funded five new positions: academic advisor/recruiters
      • Added positions in recruitment and financial aid
      • Expanded inquiry pool
      • Using Best and Brightest Scholarships as recruitment tool
      • Increased high school visits
    • Met with Illinois community college transfer institutions (South Suburban, Moraine Valley, Prairie State) to establish articulation agreements
    • Met with Ivy Tech Northwest to update articulation agreements and collaborate on new programs
    • Created Enrollment Management Assessment Committee
    • Registered 85 students (1,346 hours) through the Purdue System-wide joint admission program
  3. Accreditation

    • Completed successful accreditation reviews in Nursing and Engineering (ABET)
    • Created first draft of AQIP accreditation portfolio
  4. Student Housing

    • Raised $1.2 million in private funds
    • Established a $900,000 security fund to complete $2 million in external funding sources
    • Continuing to raise private funds
    • Completed all approvals and conducted a successful bid process
    • Construction underway
    • Developed a first draft of residential life policies
    • Established a management arrangement with American Campus Communities (contract still to be executed)
    • Developed initial marketing pieces
  5. Advancement

    • Comprehensive campaign kick off 10/28/03
    • Initial meeting of Chancellor’s Advisory Board
    • Added a 17-member Purdue Alumni Association-Calumet (PAA-C) Student Delegate board while facing PAA-C Board turnover in leadership.
    • Addressing ongoing staffing issues resulting from the death of Vice Chancellor for Advancement Dolores Steuer Wagner and a failed search for an academic affairs development officer
    • Significantly strengthened collaboration with Purdue West Lafayette’s Development offices, including Planned Giving; Research Services; and Foundation Relations.
    • Received approval for Lilly Endowment challenge grant
    • Added 18 new Chancellor’s/President’s Council members prompted by the PC16K Challenge
    • Raised $4.5 million (includes $2 million Lilly Endowment Challenge)
    • Reached $6.75 million toward campaign goal of $10.8 million
  6. Marketing and Communications

    • Implemented “Plan for Success” brand campaign
    • Initiated a communication audit to evaluate campus communications (conducted by students under the supervision of faculty member Tom Roach)
    • Interviewing consultants to evaluate campus communication plan
  7. Facilities

    • Noted elsewhere: construction of student housing, Purdue Technology Center of Northwest Indiana, and the Purdue University Calumet Academic Learning Center
    • Construction initiated for the campus’ first parking structure (all approvals completed)
    • Developed program statement for the Emerging Technologies Tower (2005-07 capital request)
    • Completed update of campus facilities plan
    • Initiated remodeling design of student space on first floor of SFLC
  8. Information Technology

    • Developed committee structures to support IT: Academic Computing Committee and Technology Infrastructure Committee
    • Established a presence in Enterprise Resource Planning for Purdue systems
  9. New programs

    • Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is designing a process to develop additional academic programs called for in strategic plan
    • Three new institutes designed for implementation – Water, Energy, Construction Management
  10. Institutional Research

    • Director position funded. Offer pending
  11. Diversity

    • Implemented campus diversity climate audit. Reviewed a leadership level
    • Training and salary study yet to be complete
  12. Regional Economic Development

    • Purdue Technology Center of Northwest Indiana under construction
    • Staff for Technology Center hired
    • Chancellor’s participation in regional economic development efforts continues
      • Northwest Indiana Forum, Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce, Northwest Initiative, etc…
    • Hosted Senator Bayh’s job fair
    • Continued to work with steel industry on blast furnace efficiency
  13. Leadership Development

    • Implemented campus five-year review of senior administrators (Newsom and Bryant)
    • Conducted a survey on Senior Leadership Team leadership effectiveness