From baccalaureate at Purdue Calumet to Ph.D.


Thomas L. Keon

The recent graduation season is a time in which we like to relate stories about new graduates who leave Purdue Calumet with exciting jobs.

But as proud as we are of those individuals, they do not represent the success of all graduates who benefit from their Purdue Calumet experience.

Direct doctoral program admission

Case in point, I recently enjoyed a revealing conversation with 2013 math graduate Tyler Billingsley. Tyler was an exceptional student. He served as a Supplemental Instructor, assisting students in various math courses. He received a prestigious award from the American Mathematical Society. He also engaged in a research project under Professor Peter Turbek’s direction. In fact, early last month, Tyler presented the results of his project—An Algorithm for factoring polynomials—at a prominent colloquium.

When I asked him about his future plans, he told me he had gained acceptance into graduate school—the mathematics doctoral program at West Lafayette!

Similarly, Andrew Jackura, who earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering degree on our campus in 2011, returned to complete work on a baccalaureate degree in physics, which he did last month. He, too, has been admitted into a doctoral program—in theoretical nuclear physics at Indiana University.

Also from our School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science, math grad, Jeff Hein from the Class of 2011, just completed his second year of a Ph.D. program at Dartmouth.

From LASS, too

From our School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, sociology baccalaureate graduates Cezara Crisan (2005) and Ryan Sporer (2006) were admitted directly into Ph.D. programs at Loyola University of Chicago and the University of Illinois-Chicago, respectively. Cezara has earned her doctorate. Ryan begins his dissertation this summer.

Commencement remarks last December by another alumnus, lawyer and Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr., reminded us that a Purdue Calumet education also opens doors of admission to top law schools across the country. The same can be said by scores and scores of our EMS grads who used Purdue Calumet as a springboard to prestigious medical and dental schools.

Success from various perspectives

My point is that the Purdue education we offer has a track record of producing success, satisfaction, preparation and aspiration from multiple perspectives. Our intent of becoming a Destination of Choice University starts with a formidable foundation of excellence across academic boundaries that produces wide open, inviting doors of opportunity.



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