The big picture of academic excellence & student success

Thomas L. Keon

Dear Friends,

During this 2011-12 academic year, we want to focus on the distinctive academic excellence a Purdue education affords Purdue Calumet students.

Our faculty, staff and community partners work hard contributing to a Purdue education that prompts student success, which raises such questions as: What is student success? and How should it be measured?

Being the best they can be

During these challenging economic times, a case can be made that a Purdue education drives the success of students who graduate and go on to gain a desirable job that pays a decent income and enables them to use their education in a fulfilling way that contributes positively to society.

I believe we would all agree that that’s an appealing introductory path of success.

But through my ultimate success vision, I see our students focusing farther down that path. I also see them paying close attention to the steps they must take before reaching that path. In short, taking advantage of Purdue academic excellence that leads to success is all about our students committing to being the best they can be throughout their lives.

Career, personal & professional growth

While that certainly includes investing significantly in course work and related preparation, it also demands taking advantage of numerous other learning opportunities and experiences. Experiencing academic excellence goes well beyond focusing on the credit hours one must complete to graduate. Opportunities to become engaged in student organizations, campus employment, service learning and volunteerism complement and enrich a Purdue education.

So does expanding one’s perception of success beyond that first job or promotion after graduation. Purdue academic excellence is not just a path to one’s future; nor should it be viewed as an exercise in gaining the necessary intellect and skills for getting a job. Rather, we want Purdue Calumet students to approach Purdue academic excellence as that which helps fuel their career aspirations, personal growth and ongoing professional development.

Building a strategic road map

For the Purdue education we offer to be truly academically excellent and successful, it must equip and motivate our students to build a strategic “road map” of where they want to be five, 10, 25 years from now, help them get there and enable them to make the most of their journey.

It’s that foundation of academic excellence on which Purdue Calumet strives to build student success—immediate and long term.


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Thomas L. Keon,