4 goals to continue shaping Purdue Calumet’s advancement

Thomas L. Keon

It is a joy to begin my first academic year as chancellor of Purdue Calumet. In my short time on the job, I have become impressed with so much about this university and its value to Northwest Indiana.

Some of you have heard me refer to Purdue Calumet as a hometown university; you’ll hear and read more about my thoughts regarding that reference. But for purposes of this, my first web message to Purdue Calumet constituents, I want to focus briefly on four goals for driving our university’s future.

I presented these at our recent 2011-12 academic year-opening Convocation to faculty and staff. I believe these goals complement nicely the impressive progress Purdue Calumet has made under my predecessor, Howard Cohen.

Goal 1: Academic Excellence

While academic excellence is the foundation of all we do, a quality Purdue education on our campus is multi-faceted. It includes faculty development and scholarship that produce cutting edge instruction. It also relates to our student recruitment and retention efforts, our monitoring of student matriculation to degree completion and the placement of our graduates in viable careers or advanced education.

Additionally, academic excellence relates to the manner in which we assess and monitor student success, as well as our ability to help students achieve their goals. It also embraces our campus facilities and how they support our students in their efforts to become the best they can be.

Goal 2: Learning through Engagement and Discovery

Experiential learning, student research and internships are examples of engaged or applied learning in which Purdue Calumet has distinguished itself. We want to continuing building on that impressive progress.

One way we can do so, I believe, is by encouraging our students to become more engaged in this campus through student organizations and other university activities.

Goal 3:  Inclusivity

In my recent remarks to faculty and staff, I defined inclusivity as an environment in which all individuals feel part of the university community. Helping nurture inclusivity is the exercise of individual equality, the sharing of ideas openly and freely, and taking advantage of our university governance system to provide wide ranging representation of all university community members and their ideas. Of course, cultural development and internationalization also fuel inclusivity.

While it is apparent our campus has attempted to be inclusive, we can make improvements.

Goal 4: Community and Business Partnerships

In short, relationships that advance our university as well as our community and world provide wonderful, two-way opportunities to enrich our society. Whether through economic development; student, faculty and staff engagement; athletic prowess and pride; and most certainly our ability to fund and friend raise, there are virtually limitless prospective partners with which Purdue Calumet can share a vested interest in making a positive difference.

The entire text of my Aug. 17 Convocation remarks can be found online. It’s an exciting time to be the Chancellor of Purdue Calumet!


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Thomas L. Keon,