Participating in the learning experience

Purdue University Calumet participates in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). Directed to freshmen and seniors at hundreds of colleges and universities, the survey asks students to describe their participation in various learning activities.

In various areas, Purdue Calumet performs very well in comparison to other urban universities, other regional master’s level universities and all universities that participate in the survey.

These are our best ratings by seniors:

  • 85% say Purdue Calumet emphasizes studying and academic work,
  • 84% rate their relationships with faculty members positively,
  • 71% indicate that we provide substantial support for academic success.

First-year students rate us best regarding the following:

  • 82% give us high marks for their relationships with other students,
  • 71% rate their experience with administrative personnel positively
  • 70% contributed to class discussion

Purdue Calumet, however, rates less well on freshman participation in community-based projects (7%), participation in learning communities (6%) and participation in co-curricular activities (9%), all below our comparison groups. The message is that we still have a way to go to overcome the expectations of first-year students that education is just a matter of going to class.

Our participation in NSSE is very valuable as we continue to work hard establishing a high level of academic expectation while providing students with a well-rounded learning experience. We use this data to build on our strengths and address our weaknesses.

Knowing how our students perceive their education at Purdue Calumet is very important to us. Our students mostly believe that we are committed to their success, and we accept that responsibility with enthusiasm.


Howard Cohen