Experiences for a Lifetime

In order to emphasize our commitment to “learning centered” education, Purdue University Calumet will make a concerted effort to build awareness of our distinctive and noteworthy qualities through a marketing effort titled, Experiences for a Lifetime. We will feature the engaging, compelling, life-changing experiences of students, alumni, faculty/staff and other constituencies to highlight the qualities that have enabled Purdue Calumet to enrich lives.

We know that the experiences that link lives to Purdue Calumet are virtually endless. They may be academic, athletic, personal, social, community-based or professional. We also know that these experiences have had varied and profound effects on the lives of those individuals who have realized them.

Experiences, guided by and made meaningful through academic understanding, are at the core of those elements that make the Purdue education offered at Purdue Calumet distinguishing and valuable.

During the upcoming months, our Experiences for a Lifetime campaign will embrace four, specific and defined phases or themes:

  • Experience Experiential Learning (Fall 2010)
    Experiential Learning graphic
  • Experience Technology (Winter 2011)
    Experience Technology graphic
  • Experience Environmental Research (Spring 2011)
    Environmental Research graphic
  • Experience Student Life (Summer 2011)
    Student Life (From Boots to Books) graphic

These phases/themes will serve to be introductory focal points for highlighting broader virtues of Purdue Calumet.

I have invited all members of our campus community to join in espousing the virtues of Purdue Calumet through experiences they cherish. I also wish to invite all Purdue Calumet friends and partners—current and prospective—to scrutinize more closely who we are and what we are all about. In doing so, you may connect with Purdue Calumet in ways that nurture your own Experiences for a Lifetime.


Howard Cohen