The decision to close undergraduate admission Aug. 1 for fall term

For the second time in as many years, we have announced a decision to close undergraduate admission prior to the start of a new academic year. For the fall 2010 semester, we are accepting undergraduate admission applications only until Aug. 1. Applications our Office of Admissions receives after that date will be deferred for spring 2011 term consideration.

Our decision is based on two important reasons. First, we anticipate that most of the traditionally high-enrollment, freshman class sections scheduled this fall will be full by Aug. 1. To continue admitting students who seek placement in classes in which there are few, if any available seats, would limit learning opportunities and, hence, provide a frustrating and unwelcoming introduction to Purdue Calumet for those new students.

The other reason stems from an understanding that the decision to apply to college is a serious commitment, not a last minute impulse. Students who apply late are generally the first to drop out. This is bad for the student and the university.

Throughout this summer, we have received undergraduate applications at a volume that is even greater than last fall’s record enrollment of 10,133. So we consider this year’s Aug. 1 cutoff decision, not only prudent and responsible, but also an opportunity for prospective students.

Would-be students who cannot or do not apply by Aug. 1 can take that proverbial deep breath and prepare now to begin higher education at Purdue Calumet in January. Interaction with staff members in our Enrollment Services Center will prove helpful, as will collecting all necessary prerequisite documents and completing placement testing.

Again, in order to enroll this fall, you must apply for admission by Aug. 1. Otherwise, we’ll see you in January.


Howard Cohen

PS – Though we are closing undergraduate admission Aug. 1, we continue to accept applications of those enrolled students who wish to live on campus this fall in our University Village student apartment complex. For details, contact Director of Housing and Residential Education Chanda Hott at