What makes a quality university?

Dear Friends,

While there are many different standards and rating services to help answer the question, what makes a quality university? I propose that a quality university offers the following components:

  • Highly qualified faculty – They demonstrate knowledge, expertise and credentials within specific disciplines. They also are skilled, innovative and passionate about helping their students learn. They keep current in their areas of expertise and take real satisfaction seeing their students graduate to successful careers.
  • Rigorous curriculum – Taught effectively, it challenges students to develop both breadth and depth of knowledge. Students must learn the key ideas and concepts necessary to understand the world in which they live and to prepare for their careers. They also must learn strategies to stay current with new knowledge in an ever changing world.
  • Well-prepared students – They tend to stay the course and become successful graduates who contribute substantially to our society. These students also positively affect the culture of learning at a university by setting the bar of excellence. At Purdue Calumet, full tuition Chancellor’s Scholars Awards, offered to high school valedictorians and salutatorians, and Best & Brightest Scholarships, offered to other top high school and community college graduates, are two ways we are attracting serious, well-prepared students to our university.
  • The right Fit – The level of comfort, motivation and satisfaction students feel about their campus or learning environment contributes substantially to their learning experience. As a full service regional university, Purdue Calumet offers a quality education to students from our region who may not have the option to leave home and to students from afar who are attracted to the seriousness of our purpose.


Howard Cohen