Our budgetary response to the difficult economy

Dear Friends,

These are challenging economic times, and Purdue Calumet is responding (along with the rest of our region) by watching our budgets while preserving our quality. Our students and our community deserve nothing less.

Earlier this fiscal year, the state of Indiana reduced our operating funds by $282,127. We also lost $1.18 million in state-appropriated repair and rehabilitation funding. Fortunately, because of conservative budgeting practices, we have been able to cover these losses from previous savings. Although we will not be able to complete all of our planned maintenance and campus improvements this year, we are protecting our core academic functions.

We also have started planning our 2009-10 budget . Although we do not yet know the amount of funding we will receive from the State and from tuition, we are proceeding with contingency planning for anticipated operating budget reductions. We are cutting our current budgets to create a strategic reallocation fund. By doing so, we hope to accomplish the following:

  • Absorb reductions in our state allocated dollars;
  • Adequately cover fixed increases for employee benefits and utility expenses;
  • Continue to invest in strategic objectives.

At this time we do not anticipate employee layoffs; however, neither will we authorize salary increases for faculty and staff.

Purdue Calumet’s conservative approach to budgetary planning attempts to be prudent in anticipating future financial uncertainties without reducing or compromising the essential programs and services we provide our students and region.


Howard Cohen