Employer Endorsements

By having a Co-curricular Transcript (”CcT”), you demonstrate your commitment, extra effort and ability to achieve, which will help to set you apart from other applicants, thereby giving you the “Competitive Edge.” As you can see from employer comments below, having a CcT will make a real difference in your ability to achieve your goals in life-career, educational and personal!

ArcelorMittal Logo“The ArcelorMittal new hire selection process is tied to what we call our “core competencies.” These are skills and behaviors we expect our employees to demonstrate as they manage the people and process involved in running the largest steel company in the United States. They include things from leadership and decision-making ability to demonstrating effective communication and teamwork skills. Students all attend classes dictated by their respective degree program. Often, however, it’s the experiences and opportunities that students have outside of the classroom that can display their competencies and potential the best. The Co-curricular Transcript gives students a chance to showcase their experience and accomplishments outside of the traditional resume format. These unique experiences shape students and differentiate them from their peers. They speak to choices students have made and the challenges they have overcome. If done well, it can give a competitive edge over other candidates seeking an internship or full-time employment.”

John D. Gerrard
Manager, College Relations
ArcelorMittal (Chicago, IL)

Centier Logo“At Centier, hiring associates that are involved in their university organizations and community groups is important to us. It shows a commitment to giving back and being engaged outside of the classroom. The Co-curricular Transcript is going to be a differentiator among job candidates. It will show that the person is being honest and transparent about their involvement, which is critical to any employer. We look forward to seeing them from future applicants!”

Chrisanne Christ
Vice President and Director of Human Resources
Centier Bank (Merrillville, IN)

Community Hospital Logo“In today’s competitive work environment it is increasingly more difficult for new graduates to get that first “real” job. Employers are flooded with applicants with academic credentials but no relevant experience. Involvement in the community and organizations provides insight into the applicant’s drive, commitment to others, and leadership skills. I welcome the Co-curricular Transcript as a valuable tool to help differentiate candidates.”

Michael Graham
Director of Human Resources
Community Hospital (Munster, IN)

White Lodging Services Logo“Especially in today’s economy, every advantage the student can obtain is a plus. When graduating students are applying for their first job, they usually have little to no work experience. This lack of experience forces companies to look mainly at their education and involvement at their university. If you have two very similar candidates, involvement at the University sometimes becomes the difference-maker. Endorsed by Purdue University Calumet, the Co-curricular Transcript I believe will give PUC graduating students an advantage over all the rest.”

Michael Nigh
Human Resource Manager
White Lodging Services (Merrillville, IN)