A Special Note to Parents and Family Members – Reprinted from the publication Peregrine Parents – News from the Nest, May 2009 Issue, Page 2

Co-curricular Transcript: The Competitive Edge

Ever wonder how getting involved in activities outside the classroom could help your student get a job after graduation? What if there was a document that could help with a student’s first job search or an undergraduate’s application for scholarship funds, internship opportunities or even admission to graduate school?

PUC students will be able to reap the benefits of this new program – the “Co-Curricular Transcript” (or “CcT”) – beginning this summer.

A “CcT” provides a systematic method of documenting a student’s involvement in activities outside the classroom. It documents a student’s leadership experiences, honors and awards, organizational involvement and/or community service in one official document.

An employer or graduate school admissions officer can see at-a-glance the organizations and activities in which your student has been involved. They then will have an opportunity to engage your student in conversation about the skills they have developed as a result of their extracurricular experience. Conducting meetings, establishing agendas, developing budgets, planning special events, and responding to questions from the media are experiences that students may have outside the classroom. These are valuable skills that will serve students well throughout their lives!

When included with a student’s resume and academic transcript, the CcT verifies involvement, leadership and initiative – all qualities that hiring managers and selection committees are looking for in those they consider for employment, scholarships and admission.

Students may create their CcTs by completing a form on-line at the CcT website (below) or by completing a CcT form that is available in the Office of Student Activities in the Student Union Library (SUL), Room 104-B. Once created, students may request copies of their CcT in Student Activities or at the Enrollment Services Center in Lawshe, Room 130. The CcT will be ready in a few days of the request, so please encourage your student to plan ahead.

The student groups who served as the pilot – or test – group for the CcT last fall have given the CcT program high marks for its usefulness, user-friendliness and practicality. The Resident Advisors in University Village, New Student Orientation Leaders and Ronald McNair Scholars were the pilot project participants and will be able to utilize their CcTs this spring.

Please encourage your student to check out the CcT – it could improve her/his marketability in an increasingly competitive arena by providing the “Competitive Edge!”

Information about this new program for students will be made available throughout campus during the week of April 27 as a part of the Stress Free Week. More information is also available at www.calumet.purdue.edu/cct or by contacting the staff at the Office of Student Activities at (219) 989-2369