What is a Co-curricular Transcript?

97% of Student Leaders at Purdue Calumet responded on an April 2009 survey that they would attach a CcT to their resume or application.A Co-curricular Transcript (“CcT”) is an official University document that will help you get the competitive edge for securing employment, internship opportunities, graduate school admission and scholarships. A CcT is a document that complements your academic transcript by verifying your co-curricular involvement. It will be a valuable asset for students when trying to get ahead.

A CcT lists all your co-curricular experiences (those activities that took place outside the classroom) in which you have been involved while being enrolled at Purdue University Calumet.

This could include:

  1. Honors and Awards – received while a student at Purdue Calumet such as the Outstanding Student Award, Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Resident Assistant of the Year, etc. Submit a copy of the award, certificate or letter.
  2. Student Government and Organizations – Involvement as a member and/or officer of Purdue Calumet’s Student Government Association, or official student organization such as Los Latinos, the Finance and Accounting Club, Greek organizations, etc.
  3. Athletics and Intramurals – Serving as a member, captain, coach, or manager of a PUC intercollegiate athletics or intramural team such as captain of the women’s basketball team or a member of an intramural volleyball team, etc.
  4. Educational Workshops/Conferences – While a PUC student, attending professional development opportunities such as leadership seminars, workshops, professional conferences, training sessions, etc.
  5. Community and Campus Service
    • Volunteer work, performed while a PUC student, that provides service to others such as volunteering for a youth organization, for a healthcare facility, as a reader for an elementary school, at a soup kitchen, etc.
    • Service to the Purdue Calumet campus community such as serving as a student representative on a University Committee (the Traffic Appeals Committee, Multicultural Committee, etc.), a New Student Orientation Leader, a Resident Assistant, etc.



Get personalized training for your student organization by arranging for Student Activities staff to visit your next meeting to provide a CcT training workshop for your members. We’ll make a brief presentation, answer questions, help your members fill out their CcT forms, and take your completed forms. 

Remember when documenting your participation in PUC student organizations, no validation forms are needed. That’s because Student Activities will verify your members directly from your organization’s data sheet on file in the Student Activities Office. So your members can walk out of the CcT workshop with their Co-curricular Transcript forms completed and filed. It’s that easy! 

Call Student Activities today at 989-2369 to schedule your appointment.