Requirements for Completion of MA Degree

Department of Communications & Creative Arts

Required Course (choose one):

COM 582

Desc./Exp. Research

COM 584

Hist./Critical Research

**To be completed by the end of your third semester.

Nine (9) hours of THEORY from courses listed below:

COM 508

Nonverbal Communication

COM 512

Interpersonal Communication

COM 517

Communication & Politics

COM 518


COM 520

Small Group Communication

COM 521


COM 532

Telecommunication Mgmt.

COM 534

Comparative Telecommunication

COM 545

Oral Interpretation

COM 560

Rhetoric & Mass Media

COM 574

Organizational Communication



from courses listed below:

COM 515

Persuasion & Social Movements

COM 525

Advanced Interviewing

COM 531

Special Topics in Mass Comm.

COM 533

Documentary Television

COM 536

Radio & Television Writing

COM 537

Educational/Institutional Media

COM 540

Advanced Oral Interpretation

COM 541

Ensemble Interpretation

COM 559

Current Trends in Mass Comm Research

COM 583

Research & Assessment in Orgs.





*Depending on the topic and approach, the following member’s approval
to count one of the following as either Theory or Research:

COM 612

Seminar in Interpersonal Comm.

COM 621

Seminar in Rhetoric

COM 632

Seminar in Mass Comm.

COM 674

Seminar in Organizational Comm.

Fifteen (hours of elective work (Please note that no more than
9 hours may be taken outside the department).






Additional Courses:


A total of nine (9) credit hours may be taken outside of the department or transferred from other universities.


Only two (2) Independent Studies may be taken.


There is no limit on Special Topics (590) courses that may be taken.