Internship and Volunteer Experiences

Lulu Zhao


April 13, 2015

In July of 2014, I was struggling to find my purpose in the Chicago area. Fortunately, I had an interview from the company and they gave me a design internship opportunity around Chicago area. The company name is Key This Week in Chicago magazine. Key Magazine is a leader in the tourism information industry nationally, who purpose is to let travel enthusiasts around the world know more about Chicago. Travel magazines are distributed to the hotels around Chicago

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Marisela Guerrero

April 13, 2015

I decided to obtain an internship because I truly believe that it is an important experience to complement the learning I was doing in the classroom. It was a great and fun opportunity that provided me with some beneficial practical experience, important contacts, and allowed me to do some networking, which will benefit me when I start looking for a permanent job. I also believe that having this internship experience listed on my resume will improve my chances in landing a position that is right for me.

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