Internship Rules

Table of Contents

  1. Internship Requirements & Rules
  2. Internship Application
  3. Helpful Information & Resources
  4. Internship Testimonials
  5. Internship Employment Opportunities


Internship Rules:

  1. Before initiating the internship process, a student must have the approval of the Faculty Internship Coordinator.
  2. Students are ultimately responsible for securing their own internship, which should be aligned with their area of study.
  3. Before enrolling in the course, and with the Faculty Internship Coordinator’s permission, students are required to schedule an interview with the prospective internship agency/organization.
  4. For a 3-credit internship course, students are required to work a minimum of 15 hours per week, for the duration of the academic semester, including summer.
  5. Interns are required to conduct themselves in a professional manner and follow the sponsoring agency’s rules and regulations.
  6. If any problems or issues arise during the internship, the student should immediately contact the Faculty Internship Coordinator for assistance.


Internship Advice:

  • As an intern, you should approach the job with a positive attitude, showing enthusiasm and energy.  A competent communication strategy to apply in most situations is to listen more than talk.
  • Keep in mind that you learn by asking questions.  Your supervisors expect to answer relevant questions.
  • Be a self-motivated intern and take initiative.   Your supervisors expect you to see them when problems arise, but be prepared to offer solutions to those problems as well.
  • Make every effort to work on your natural talents and abilities, and don’t forget to improve your weak skills as well.
  • Some important aspects of job performance are: recognizing the importance of always being on time, wearing appropriate attire, giving proper notice if unable to work or meet an assigned deadline, and behaving in a professional and respectful manner at all times.
  • Try to secure an internship out of your comfort zone.  Doing an internship in Chicago, with a company and place that is not familiar to you will provide opportunity for quality personal and professional growth.
  • Do the internship with 100% effort.  It could be an opportunity for a future job offer, and certainly might be helpful as a future reference for employment.