Internship and Volunteer Opportunities: Requirements and Procedures


If you would like to work as an intern or volunteer for an organization, and you are a Communication major, you might qualify for course credit under Com 49000.  An internship is considered a position with an organization (profit or non-profit) where you work under a supervisor or manager and receive monetary compensation.  A volunteer opportunity is a position with an organization (profit or non-profit) where you work under a supervisor or manager.  As an intern or a volunteer, your goal is to gain experience and knowledge that will assist you in your career endeavors.  You must work for this organization 10-15 hours per week for 12 weeks to obtain credit.


  1. You must be a CCA Junior or Senior
  2. You must have a GPA of at least 3.0
  3. You must be able to secure your own internship or volunteer opportunity.



  1. Once you have secured an internship or volunteer position, contact Theresa Carilli and receive her approval.  That approval is contingent upon you supplying your contact information and the information of the individual who will be your manager or supervisor.
  2. After Dr. Carilli has contacted your supervisor or manager, you will receive her approval.
  3. Enroll in Com 49000 by contacting Lana Bilyk in Advising.
  4. At the end of the internship, write a brief paper describing your experience as an intern or volunteer.  Talk about the rewards of your experience and what you have learned. Note if this paper can be posted on the departmental website for other students to view.


Theresa Carilli, Porter 116C, 219-989-2628,

Lana Bilyk, Gyte 117, 219-989-8697,

Thomas J. Roach, Department Head, Porter 118, 219-989-2508,