Catherine M. Gillotti, Ph.D.


Associate Professor


Phone: (219) 989-2009

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Dr. Catherine M. Gillotti is an associate professor of communication in the Department of Communication and Creative Arts. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio and completed her doctorate at the University of Kentucky.

Her primary research focuses on the care-provider-patient relationship with respect to health outcomes. While at the University of Dayton, she completed a four-month observational study of the effects of touch on the recovery of premature newborns. At the University of Kentucky, she examined individual differences among third year medical students in the delivery of bad news. Other research projects focus on the interpersonal and organizational context.

Dr. Gillotti has presented conference papers at both the national and international level and published two book chapters and a book review specifically on health communication topics. Dr. Gillotti teaches a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses including interpersonal communication, small group communication theories, advanced public speaking, research methods, communication competence, and health communication.

Courses Taught
COM 114 Introduction to Communication
COM 115 Basic Public Speaking
COM 214 Interpersonal Communication
COM 314 Advanced Public Speaking
COM 318 Principles of Persuasion
COM 320 Small Group Communication
COM 323 Business and Professional Speaking
COM 371 Health Communication
COM 512 Theories of Interpersonal Communication
COM 520 Small Group Communication Theories
COM 582 Quantitative Research Methods
COM 590 Introduction to Communication
COM 612 Communication Competence – Culture and Identity