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Theresa Carilli, Ph.D.  is a Professor of Communication at Purdue University Calumet.  Her two areas of concentration include media studies and playwriting.  She has published four anthologies that delve into media depictions and representations ( Queer Media Images, 2013, co-edited with Jane Campbell; Challenging Images of Women in the Media, 2012, co-edited with Jane Campbell; Women and the Media: Diverse Perspectives, 2005, co-edited with Jane Campbell; and Cultural Diversity and the U.S. Media, 1998, co-edited with Yahya Kamalipour).   She co-edited a special issue of women and the media for the on-line Global Media Journal with Jane Campbell in 2006.  As a playwright, Carilli has published two books of plays (Familial Circles, 2000; and Women as Lovers, 1996).  She edited a special theater issue of the journal Voices in Italian Americana, 1998.  Her plays have been produced in San Francisco, San Diego, Victoria, B.C., Melbourne, Australia, Athens, Greece, and most recently, New York City.  In addition to her book, Scripting Identity: Writing Cultural Experience, 2008,which features student scripts, Carilli has published numerous performance articles and creative scripts.  Currently, she is working on a a book of short stories and a performance memoir.

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, Performance Studies
M.A., University of Connecticut, Communication Sciences
B.A., University of Connecticut, English Literature

Courses Taught
Oral Interpretation
Advanced Oral Interpretation
Theories of Oral Interpretation
Qualitative Research Methods
Focus Group Research
Introduction to Ethnic Studies
Ethnicity and Communication
Ethnicity and Film
Women in the Media

Primary Research Areas
Theater and Performance
Ethnography and Autoethnography
Ethnic Studies
Women’s Studies
Personal Narrative

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