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Resume Builder

Use the Resume Builder to easily and quickly create an impressive, professional resume, which you can share online, download and print or save and upload into CareerTrax.   The builder combines expert advice and high-quality samples  to help you create focused, targeted resumes for every job opportunity.

Resume Builder Help Sheet

Letter builder

The Letter Builder combines expert advice and high-quality samples to help you create focused, targeted letters for almost every opportunity.  In-line editing technology lets you see every change you make directly in the document. You can see all the sections of your letter at once, including the header and contact information.

Letter Builder Help Sheet

Portfolio builder

The Portfolio Builder helps you create an online gallery of your work that can be displayed as a page on your Optimal Resume website, shared as a link, or downloaded as a zipped file.  Online portfolios document your education, work samples, and skills. They are very useful for applying to jobs and training programs, demonstrating your transferable skills, and tracking your professional development.

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skills assessment

Skills Assessments can help you identify and present your transferable skills and abilities to prospective employers and are especially helpful for creating targeted resumes and cover letters, and preparing for job interviews.

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Interview Prep

The Interview Prep module makes it easy to refine your interviewing skills from the comfort of your own home or office.  You control all aspects of your interview practice session, including the interview type, the number of questions, your response format, and the interviewer.

Interview Help Sheet

Video resume

The Video Resume module makes it easy to introduce yourself and highlight your professional capabilities to prospective employers.  There are 2 ways you can create your video resume. Option 1 is to create a short script for your video resume and to use our built-in teleprompter when recording. Option 2 is to skip creating a script and to begin recording your video resume immediately.

Video Resume Help Sheet

Website builder

The Website Builder helps you create a customized website that includes a variety of professional documents, as well as links to your social networking profiles, like LinkedIn and Twitter. You also have the option to index your site with major search engines. That improves your “Google footprint” so hiring managers are immediately impressed when they Google your name.

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