CCO Express Screen Shots

Below are screen shots of the various screens you will encounter as you log in to MyCCO and set up your account. Click the images to view a larger version of the screen shot.

1. Login Page

Screen shot of login page

2. Home Page

Screen shot of home page

3. Profile–Personal Information Page

Screen shot of profile page

4. Profile–Academic Information Page

Screen shot of academic information page

5. Profile–Privacy Page

Screen shot of privacy information page

6. Resumes ETC–Documents Page

Screen shot of documents page

7. Jobs & On Campus Interviews–Job Postings Page

Screen shot of job postings page

  • Note: when choosing your search options on the “Job Postings” page, be advised that the more specific you are, the fewer results you will receive. Try to keep your search general at first and add specifications as necessary. If an employer does not include a specification for a field, such as “Position Type” or “Job Function,” but you do, that job listing will not appear in your search results, even though the position may actually fit into your job interests.

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