Student Responsibilities

Job Search. Students are expected to take personal responsibility for their own job search and communicate with the Office of The Career Center on a regular basis and take advantage of the programming and resources available.

Intention to work. A student should not apply to or accept an interview with an employer if the student has no intention of working for that employer.

Student Employment. Students are expected to follow the Student Work Rules regarding employment. Second- and third-year students should be cautious in taking on employment which may distract them from their studies.

Disclosure of employment. Once a student has accepted an offer of employment, he/she should immediately inform the Office of The Career Center AND other employers who are considering that student. Students who have accepted employment must not apply to or accept interviews from another employer who wants to recruit them for the same time period without full disclosure of the fact that they have already accepted employment.

Accuracy of information. All information contained in a student resume, academic or co-curricular transcript, or other document supplied to an employer should be truthful and accurate. Deliberate falsification of such information is a serious breach of ethics and can produce disastrous consequences for the student.

Cancellation of interviews. If you have scheduled an interview with an employer for a particular time, be on time. If you must cancel a scheduled interview, do so as early as possible. If you must cancel an on-campus interview, you must call the employer and Office of The Career Center as soon as possible. Repeated cancellation of scheduled on-campus interviews may lead to loss of interviewing privileges.

Letters of Apology. If a student does not show for an on-campus interview, the student must send a letter of apology to the employer and provide The Career Center with a copy before the student will be allowed to participate in any other career-related programs. In addition, the student’s access to CareerTrax will be suspended until such time as the letter is delivered. Please see our No-Show Policy for more information.

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